What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Design is also known as ID. It is a rather specialized professional field of work. Ever wonder who is are the people who come up with the pretty design of the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Well, the people behind the prettiness and user-friendliness of these consumer gadgets are the Industrial Designers.

Contrary to popular misconception, an industrial designer does not design factory and manufacturing processes. The word ‘Industrial’ of Industrial Design has often been misconstrued as factory-related. The truth is, industrial design is actually an artistic and creative profession. The scope of work involves the innovative and aesthetic aspect of product design and development.

Industrial designers are often required to be multi-talented. He or she have to be an artist, marketing expert and engineer roll into one. This profession requires the fine balancing of hardcore practicality and refined sense of aesthetics.

For example, the outlook and functionality of many consumer products are dictated by the industrial designer.

Besides being artistically inclined, Industrial designers must also be computer and tech savvy. More often than not, they are required to be able to operate sophistication computer design softwares known as CAD or CAID. CAID stands for Computer Aided Industrial Design.

The most popular industrial design programs are usually NURBS softwares. The popular ones are Alias Studio, Rhino3D and Think3.

As you can see by now, Industrial Designers can be a rather demanding profession. Members of this profession are required to be both technically-strong as well as being artistic. This is one of the hardest combination in a personality as they are often conflicting skill-sets and attributes.

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